Club Representative/ Resource Officer

Andrée Uranga Gutierrez

Supervising all executives and members. Assure a blanaced and fair distribution of responsibilities. Act as mediator and representative in departamental and interdepartamental communication. Assure the well-being and integration of all members of the community as well as a sustainable development of the associaton.

Financial Officer

Atima Ng.

Being in charge of managing the granted budget, monitor expenses given for activities and in the case of ambitious projects perhaps assist the Resource officer in the petition for budget increase.  

Financial Signing Officer

Ankiné  Apardian

Revising budget and assisting financial officer by by signing and approving expenses. 

First Years Representative

Samika Prupas

Website Officer

Marie-Jeanne Boyer

Make, maintain and assure the long term development of DASA’s website. Assure an active updating of the website content according to student needs. 

Sustainability Officer

Felix Beaudry

Assure the respect and development of sustainability in all of its branches throughout all DASA activities